Helping non-profits grow and succeed from our user focused design and thinking.


Pro Bono

Each year we select and help one non-profit, partnering to boost their vision. It’s our way of giving back.

How We Help

Strategy, Design & Development

Our full services are at your disposal, we’ll help identify areas for improvement and put a strategy in place with you defining the deliverables. This could be a local campaign, website or targeted marketing improving customer awareness and engagement.

We believe in partnering with you to create high impact and value, seeing the organisation thrive with our powerful team.

To qualify you must be a non-profit organisation, please use the adjacent form to submit your project. Kuro carefully reviews all submitted candidates and selects a non-profit project at the start of each year in January.

Giving back to the community

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They made the whole process on each site quick, simple and cost effective - we are very happy with the outcome and very happy to be working with them - it could not be better and we highly recommend Kuro.

- Marcus Orchard

The Radiator Company

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