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Terms & Conditions


The ‘Client’ means the party, or any person acting on their behalf with whom Kuro contracts.
Kuro is an abbreviation of Kuro Kin Limited.

Business Hours

Kuro shall only be obligated to perform services Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm - exclusive of holidays, unless mutually agree otherwise in writing.

Initial Engagement

It is our policy to not begin to solve our clients problems before we are engaged.
We’ll get started as soon as we receive the deposit, as is our policy for all new clients.

Proposals (RFP)

  1. We supply a one page proposal for free, in-depth proposals and pitches we request to be paid for our time and thinking.
  2. All estimated prices quoted, whether written or verbal, are for the listed and mentioned services only and valid for 5 business days.
  3. Any additional services or 3rd party costs such as fonts, stock images, print or plugins will be notified for client approval before purchase.

Statement of Work (SOW)

  1. A statement of work is created to define the deliverables of the project that Kuro will deliver and is the main contract between both parties.
  2. The SOW document requires client signature and agreement before progressing to next steps.
  3. Where there is a change in brief, Kuro will inform the client in advance of any extra costs likely to be incurred with a new SOW created.

Invoices & Payment Terms

  1. Payment terms are outlined in our proposals and statement of work.
  2. Invoices must be paid no later than 10 business days after the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed upon.
  3. We require invoices to be paid up front as outlined in the proposal and statement of work prior to engagement.
  4. Invoices will be sent out from our accounts team email with details on how to pay.


All charges & prices for services carried out by Kuro are subject to VAT (where applicable) at the prevalent rate.

Schedule & Timeline

  1. We run on weekly timelines defined by the statement of work. Each timeline is agreed upfront for the deliverables and requires two weeks notice of desired timeline changes.
  2. Projects are planned to an agreed schedule, non-adherence to this schedule by the client may result in compromising final delivery deadlines. If this is likely to occur Kuro will advise the client as soon as this becomes evident and suggest an alternative solution where feasible.
  3. Whilst every effort will be made to achieve agreed delivery, Kuro cannot accept liability or be held financially responsible for any targets or deadlines being missed for delivery of any work which is outside of Kuro’s control.
  4. If a client deliverable - such as input or approvals is late more than 5 business days the project will be considered “on hold”. Once the deliverable is received and the project is re-activated it will be rescheduled based on Kuro’s current workload and availability.


  1. We run a maximum of 2 feedback cycles on each deliverable and require this in written form within a consolidated document, each document counts as one feedback cycle.
  2. Feedback documents should be provided as a Word Doc or similar, with detailed notes describing each action point. This helps us define the next set of tasks and works well with very specific action points e.g. “change the font size” but the opposite “make it pop” makes it really di cult to base the next iteration from.
  3. Once the maximum is reached and further feedback is required there will be a change request cost and defined in a statement of work.

  1. All creative work produced and devised during a project, creative, digital, software files and related correspondence remain the property - physically, intellectually and in copyright of Kuro until full payment has been made on the client’s account, until all project costs have been cleared.
  2. The client may not copy, duplicate or reuse any work provided by Kuro for anything other than the original intended purpose.
  3. Once final proofs/deliverables have been signed off, Kuro cannot be held responsible financially or otherwise for any errors relating to print, programming or and end product.
  4. It is the responsibility of the client that all materials (including but not limited to images, diagrams, logos, video, data, as well as intellectual property in other media) supplied to Kuro by the client will have the relevant copyrights, licenses and permissions for use in the commissioned project. Kuro will not accept responsibility/liability for infringements caused by any wrongly supplied materials.

Creative Marketing

Kuro reserves the right to use both initial creative concepts and final approved design work for the purposes of Kuro’s marketing activities (both online and offline) unless otherwise requested/agreed with the client.


Kuro reserves the right to commission freelance support or outsource any job if it is felt it is in the best interests of the client. Any outsourced job remains the property/responsibility of Kuro and such services are deemed to be carried out ‘indirectly’ by Kuro.


  1. If at any point during the design or development cycle a client wishes to cancel, they may do so but will be invoiced an about that Kuro judges to be proportional to the amount of work completed on the commission and further compensatory charges for booked design time or any other supply costs accruing.
  2. Kuro reserves the right to terminate the project if the client hasn’t responded to communication for over 20 business days.

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Latest in cloud technology

Our hosting solution uses the latest dedicated virtual private servers (cloud infrastructure) technology, with super fast speed, reliability, dedicated resources and traffic management. We’ll handle the server on your behalf and invoice our hosting annually.

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Keeping things ticking over

Our maintenance package covers the upkeep of your website, taking regular monthly backups and updating CMS security patches and plugins. This makes sure the website is ticking over nicely and up to date, we invoice our maintenance package monthly.

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Service Level Agreements

Working together efficiently

We offer a range of Service Level Agreements to cover a range of services required, from basic through to high priority. Typically this covers, phone & email support, diagnosing website bugs and light fixes, adjusting or implementing CMS elements, tweaking layouts and content. We offer this service monthly at a reduced rate, those on higher importance support contracts will take priority. A scope of Service Level Agreement will be defined outlining the monthly service.

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